Your Family Reunion at the Lake of the Ozarks

People have many connections and bonds with others. Some are forged by their filial sentiments other are created over the essence of friendship and workplace interaction. And there is love too. But the vagaries of time and space cause them to drift apart in lieu of their lifestyle, status, careers, and the distance between their living towns. Life goes by so fast with all the hustle of every day, racing to practices, appointments, and jobs. Hence, a reunion helps people reunite with their past and share their present joy for celebrating the bonds & fond memories.

Visit the Inn at Grand Glaize with your near and dear ones and invite the old friends and relatives to enjoy a trip down the memory lane on a porch by the Lake of the Ozarks. Watch the little ones frolic together and make new friends of cousins, and reconnect with old friends. Relax poolside, or take a dip in the fifteen person jacuzzi which can be enjoyed year-round no matter the season. Enjoy hours of reminiscence while listening to waves crashing on the docks overlooking the sunrise, and enjoying a morning mimosa with your relatives.

Get all of the grandparents, children, cousins, sisters, and brothers together. Families deserve to have lasting connections that time cannot break, a reunion at the lake is the perfect remedy to growing apart; let’s start growing together instead. Stop the endless cycle of only seeing each other at Christmas and Thanksgiving and then realizing the next year that you don’t really even know each other. Get down here, go out on the lake and have some laughs together.

If your friends are drifting apart, stop telling each other that you will meet for coffee, week after week, until it becomes a year since you have seen each other. Treasure the moments you have with each other now before the chance to do so has fleeted. Take the time, plan it out, and get away from it all together at the Lake of the Ozarks and get to know each other again. It is time to stop making excuses that keep you apart and start making vacation plans together.

We offer an excellent setting for such a tribute occasion. Nestled between all the activities that the lake has to offer, the amount of bonding between distant family members could not be more significant than by having your reunion held at our resort. The opulent greenery of the landscape, the clear waters of the lake, the exquisite variety of wildlife, the refreshing airs and all the amenities available at the inn makes the reunion memorable and luxurious.

Our event management faculty will arrange for any and every kind of decorations, entertainment, culinary options and accommodations required for making the event a success. We also tend to offer special discounts for reunion bookings as your happiness is our happiness.


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