Nearby Activities for you and your Pet

Lake of the Ozarks has more than the water for your pets to play and enjoy.  There are public parks just a short drive from the Inn at Grand Glaize resort where your dogs can run around and play with other dogs.  If you and your pet are looking for a bite to eat there are some local restaurants and bars, catering to pet owners such as Dog Days Bar and Grill and Miller’s Landing Lakeside.

At Dog Days your dog can compete in the Dock Dogs Canine Cannonball event. The event is held annually in June and is free to watch. Dock Dogs competitions are held across the country and are known for putting on a spectacular show. There are three separate categories of events, and watching the dogs compete is fun for the whole family.

Miller’s Landing is right off the main channel, with easy access by boat or by car. They have a pet-friendly dock with a doggie menu for a man’s best friend. All of the selections of Lexi’s menu come with fresh water, a scratch behind the ears, and a pat on the head. They will make your pup feel like part of the family here with their Midwestern charm.

Dog-Friendly Walkable Places

Aside from the public parks for your dogs to walk around in there is a dog park in Lake of the Ozarks for your pet to run and get some exercise.  If you’re in for some shopping, the Outlet Mall is an outdoor mall that allows you to walk your dog around the sidewalks as you go from store to store.  And if you want to take your dog for a swim, our resort is waterside making it easy for you to take your dog onto the lake.

Animal Vet Only a Few Minutes’ Drive Away

Our hotel is centrally located to the attractions on the lake and only a few minutes’ drive-time to the veterinary such as the Lake Hills Vet Clinic only 2 miles away or the Osage Animal Hospital only 3 miles away. Our local veterinary clinics will take the utmost care of your beloved pets in the event that care is needed while on vacation at the Ozarks. That way, if there’s ever a reason to have your pet checked on it’s an easy drive to a vet.

Ideal Resort for Your Pets to Play

Our waterfront property is Pet-Friendly, and Bring Fido has listed us as being a great option for bringing your dog on vacation. The website Bring Fido is the leading pet-friendly travel site.  Walkable scenic areas surround the hotel for you and your dog to explore.  With a beautiful view of the lake, you can take a stroll with your dog while enjoying the beautiful nature of Lake of the Ozarks.  When planning your pet-friendly all-inclusive vacation convenience should be a priority and our waterfront lodging is both centrally located and also a resort under one roof.   

When considering the events held for pets, the pet-friendly menus at local restaurants, and the inclusivity for your pets at our resort, there really is not a better option when looking for the perfect vacation for you and your pets.