Family Getaway Package

We understand the necessity for families to have fun and relax together.  That’s why we offer affordable rates for your next vacation to the Lake of the Ozarks.  Our Getaway Package includes special discounted prices to many family-friendly lake attractions.  Whether it’s for a family weekend getaway or for a weekday escape our lakefront property offers deals to fit your budget.  

There are lots of fun activities for you and your loved ones whether on land or off!  Just contact our front desk to learn about Family Getaway Packages or email: 

Kid Friendly Activities at the Lake of the Ozarks

Lake of the Ozarks provides family-friendly activities of all kinds! No matter the season, there is always something great for little ones of all ages to enjoy near our resort.

Moreover, being we are centrally located to the attractions both on and off the land, staying with us is the convenient choice for those wanting to check out places such as the famous Miner Mikes which is only a 5-minute drive from our lakeside property, and many other lakeside attractions. Make sure to take a stop off at the Bagnell Dam to see all the sites, and take in all of the fun that the Ozark strip has to offer together.

Miner Mikes features interactive mazes, a ski ball, a full arcade, and even an indoor roller coaster! This indoor family fun center can be enjoyed year-round no matter the weather. Their arcade features over 150 token arcade games to keep the kids entertained all day. If you are looking for an excellent go-kart track for the whole family, look no further. With so many fun-filled activities to do here, your family will want to make a full day of this great excursion, so it’s a good thing they serve pizza and snacks at a reasonable price.

On property, we offer a boat dock, boat ramp, and watercraft rental services for your family to enjoy the lake on your next vacation.  There are plenty of other kid-friendly activities nearby to us if your family is seeking adventures such as parasailing and zip-lining.  Get the family together at Paradise Parasailing for a flight over the lake together the whole family can enjoy. You and your children will never forget the fantastic experience of sailing over the lake side-by-side and taking in the astounding views.

Also, you can find laser tag and arcades at Lazer Force Lazer Tag which is only two minutes away from our lakeside hotel. They are open Friday through Sunday in the off-season and then open seven days a week in ON-season. Enjoy the competitive bonding of laser tag by getting your kids off of their iPads and into a real family game together. The fun of the Ozarks will remind them how great it is to be a kid on vacation.

Get the kids back to Nature

Give your children the gift of knowledge and love for adventure by taking them to Lake of the Ozarks State Park, which offers cave tours. The beauty of the caves and the fun of exploring them is only made more significant by the tour guide’s explanation of how the caves were created. They offer both traditional and children’s tours, so depending on how long you want to explore you can pick the best package for your family. If you have older children, the added scenery of the traditional guided tour is greatly worth the price, and it is much more knowledge-packed.

Above the caves at the park, your family can traverse the Coakley Hollow Trail, which is about one mile of walking distance. This trail takes you through a multitude of habitats and is also a great place to see the wildflowers of the Ozarks during springtime. Boys and girls alike will experience great joy in the noises and sights of nature near the lake.

Pick up a bird checklist before you take off on the trail and make a game of how many species your family can spot and identify. With nearly 200 species of the aviary to be located here, this competition can be a great learning experience and ignite a love for nature observation. Who can find all the sparrows first? Make a prize for the winner; let them pick the next great activity to enjoy together near our lakeside resort.

Along the trail, your family can stop and take a picnic break together at one of their many designated rest points. No need to leave the State Park for lunch, and you can save a bundle by packing your own lunch for the family while keeping the options healthy.

A Resort under One Roof Making It Safe for Families

It’s not just the discounted rates and packages that make our resort a go-to place for those looking for affordable fun family vacations.  It’s also that we are a Lake of the Ozarks resort with our amenities under one roof making it safe and comfortable for you to keep an eye on your toddlers and children while still enjoying your stay.  Many church retreats and groups have stayed at our Lake of the Ozarks lodging for the convenience of having the banquet and convention center under one property with only a short walk to the rooms.  

Our outdoor pool has a kiddie pool just beside it so that the adults can relax with a spectacular view of the lake while being able to keep a safe eye on the infants and toddlers.  The highly-rated indoor restaurant located across the main lobby provides a convenient and short walk for eats and drinks. 

Whether your family wants to share a large pizza or dine from our local Mid-Western style of cuisine, our resort strives to provide you and your family both variety and convenience. Get the all-in-one family vacation experience without having to venture away from the resort, or spend the trip exploring the nearby attractions together.  That is what makes us one of the top places to stay in the Ozarks for families.